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* Use the drop down menu above to check your DNS name, RBL list status, etc.
The IP address is already entered into the tool for your convenience.

How to use our free IP Address Resolution, Reverse IP Lookup and Network Tools:
• RBL Host Lookup - uses an IP address
• Ping Hostname or IP - uses either an IP address or host name
• Traceroute Hostname or IP - uses either an IP or host name (include www, etc)
• Reverse IP (DIG) Lookup - uses an IP address only
• Domain WhoIS/NetwhoIS Lookup - uses a domain name or IP address (no www)
• Hostname (A record) Lookup - uses a full hostname (eg:
• Name Server (NS) Lookup - uses a domain name only (do not include www)
• Mail Server (MX) Lookup - uses a domain name only (eg:

* Depending on the browser used, info may not display until the query is completed.

* If your IP address is on an RBL list chances are you will not be able to send email from your computer. Contact your Internet provider or cable company for help with this. - Domains at LOW Prices!

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